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Tree of Life

We’re very proud to release our newest song today: Tree of Life.
Please feel free to share with everyone you know!

©2013 Reflected Riddles

There’s a cry in my heart
To go back to the start
There’s a wish in my soul
That is longing for more of You

For more of You
Of You
For more of You

It’s in this moment of thirst
That everything I rehearsed
Feels like a meaningless drill
‘Cause there is nothing that fills this need

For more of You
Of You
For more of You

More of You
Like the apostles knew
To see the healings in my shadow
What am I willing to let go for
More of You

Well, I have heard of a tree
That men are dying to see
They say it’s fruit is diverse
And that there will be no curse on me
No curse on me

Now it’s still hidden by flames
And I know I am to blame
But how much more will it take
’til You’ll be crushing that snake for me
When will it be

When will You lift the curtain
So that we can be certain
That all the things You said
Were more than thoughts in our own heads

You said our works’d be greater
I know You’re not a traitor
Still things main unrevealed
Why don’t just all the blind get healed

How can we live, depending
When this seems never ending
Give me a dream, a clue
Please lift me up and give me You

I don’t want to sound arrogant
You know I live by Your grace
But I am hungry for more of You
Please fill the empty space

And I don’t want to keep pushing You
I should rely on Your pace
Please let me trough the eternal gates
So I can see your face

More of You
Like the apostles knew
To see You heal in any shadow
What do You want me to let go
For more of You
Tree of Life

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  1. Yes, I love it! Great song, so are the others! Nice to hear and understand the lyrics loud and clear! Go on to the next HIT!

    July 2, 2013 at 7:04 pm

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