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Reflected Riddles publishes song on ‘the last day’

Today progressive rock band Reflected Riddles published their song Egypt on their website. This epic nine-minute song is the latest creation of a group of young rockers who are eager to keep the Dutch progressive rock scene alive. The music of Reflected Riddles is characterized by it’s metallic guitar sound, interspersed with symphonic orchestras and melodic guitar solos.

After they published their song Running From Your Table earlier this year, the band was spotted by organizations like Progmotion, so naturally new material was bound to follow quickly. Today – on ‘doomsday’ – Egypt is finally published and it’s available for free on www.reflectedriddles.com. Bram Nennie, lead vocal of the band: “Today, on 21-12-2012, some expect the end of the world. We sing of a new beginning.”

Reflected Riddles - Press photo
Left to right: Walter Behr (guitar/vocal), Geert Boer (base), Bram Nennie (vocal), Corneel van Dam (drums), Steve Lock (keys/vocal).

The song contains unmistakable Arab influences, combined with dynamic variations. Guitarist Walter Behr says: “We’ve challenged each other to explore our limits, both musically and technically.” In the course of the year 2013 more songs will follow. Also, the band will play live during the semi-finals of the Saturn Beach Battle in Scheveningen on February 16, 2013.

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