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©2012 Reflected Riddles

Many years ago
We came into these lands
Then our kinsmen held the throne
Now the Pharaoh has command

The whip that marks our backs
The salt that burns our skin
And the price of our believe
Is the pit we wander in

A baby cared in wickerwork
To be raised in paradise
But the promise that God gave
Was the purpose of his life

There was blood spilled by his hand
He had to find another life
So he ran away from home
Into a family and a wife

Fire, doubt, fear
Draw me near

Fire, doubt, fear
Draw me near

Who am I that You’ve chosen me
To be the one to set Your people free
I cannot speak, how will they hear
Give me a sign, please make things clear

Moses answered to the call
He went to Pharaoh on his throne
But the king did not agree
He had a heart as hard as stone

He didn’t care for snakes and blood
So to persuade the king of sand
The land was ravaged on and on
By the power of God’s hand


Blood, frogs, lice
Hail, boils, flies

Hear the cries
First son dies

Moses, what have I done
He took my firstborn son
Make sure every Jew is gone
Please leave and pray for us

All this time
We’ve been suffering in fear
But there is blood that’s spilled
For you and me
So we can sing together
People: we are free

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